JL3001 Review

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JL3001 Review

Post by JSS » Sun Aug 29, 2021 9:28 am

I've owned the JL3001 for some time now.
First I'd like to thank Insane Audio for being quick to respond to any questions i had during the install process and set up. They have answered every question i had and quickly responded considering they communicate by email for tech support. I wanted the JL3001 because i liked the ability to add just about any app to it so i didn't even think about it i just purchased this head unit. During the install process i ran into a few issues which tech support was quick to my rescue and solved the problem along with giving extra advice.
I have a 2020 Gladiator
So I have the JL3001 installed along with all new speakers , two amps and two subs under the rear seats.
After the install i just wasn't quite happy with the sound, so of course like most people i started bashing the head unit.
Adjusting the Eq and amps over and over I was convinced it was the head unit.
Went to a Jeep event with some friends where they were selling Stinger head units so my friend had a Stinger head unit installed in his Gladiator with a sound bar and subs. After his install his system sounded amazing so again i was mad and bashing the JL3001 for my disappointed sound system.
Wanting to switch to the Stinger right there but i didn't like the fact that i couldn't add apps and i didn't particularly like the way the stinger mounted to the dashboard. The JL3001 has a much cleaner look and finish once installed. So back to the drawing board i went, scratching my head i must be missing something.

The Fact of the matter is the JL3001 is a killer head unit and after reading other peoples bad reviews i was determined to get to the bottom of the issue especially after seeing Insane Audios response to those bad reviews claiming there is nothing wrong with their head unit.
When it comes down to it Tuning your system requires some patience and tuning it properly is the key.
So after doing a little research on amp settings and EQ settings I started playing with everything.
While tuning your system make sure you use a good audio source like a usb drive or scan disk.
Streaming is not a good source for tuning.
Tuning your amps correctly is most important place to start before setting any head unit EQ settings.
On the JL3001 I recommend leaving the LOUD & BASS buttons turned on during tuning, leave the SUB button turned off until your ready to tune the subs.
Getting the amps dialed in first then dial in your JL3001 EQ settings is your best chance at getting the ultimate sound from your system.
Remember to first flat line any EQ settings on the head unit.
Trust me it will take some time understanding all the settings and you may get frustrated but if you spend enough time dialing it in your system will sound awesome. I was finally able to fine tune my system and it sounds great, turning the subs down is easily achieved right from the EQ settings on the JL3001 for those moments when you don't want so much thumping.

Now that i have the sound that i want i can enjoy all the other great features of this head unit like millions of apps, streaming movies, live wallpapers, the torque app and more. I'm really glad i spent the time to understand the controls and not just switch out the head unit.
So if you're not happy with your JL3001 i suggest you start from scratch and try re-tuning your system. It will be worth it in the long run.

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