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JK1001 Software Update v1.1 is Available Now!

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:17 am
by InsaneAudioSupport

We have just released our first software update. Firstly, we'd like to say that we sincerely appreciate the fact that the folks out there who are in need of this update have been the lucky few to be the first ones on planet Earth to have Insane Audio's new JK1001 in their rig! You all rock!! We've now got hundreds of units out there on the trail and are shipping more every day, but you folks were our very first customers so thank you!! As a brand new product with this much technology and functionality packed in it, we were expecting a few bumps in the road but we're proud to say that as of right know we've resolved all known issues. If you are one of the folks who has been waiting on this update to fix a particular issue then we sincerely thank you for your patience!

NOTE: A small number of people were on a mailing list to receive a CANBUS update for their steering wheel controls. If this is you, then you should NOT apply this update. We already mailed you a package that includes the software update on a complementary microSD card along with your new CANBUS module and instructions on how to apply. Please just keep an eye out for it! ;)

To see if you need this update, please check your build number from the settings menu under “about machine”. If your build number is “rk30sdk-eng4.2.2 30102014.11:44:03” then you ALREADY have the latest software version. DO NOT APPLY THIS PATCH! This patch is ONLY for users who don’t already have this update. All new JK1001 units shipped from our factory always have the latest software.

If your build number is something other then "rk30sdk-eng4.2.2 30102014.11:44:03"... then you certainly want this update.

Instructions for applying the update are available here -- ... s_v1.1.pdf

This update includes:
- Support for Insane Audio's updated CANBUS module
- Additional error handling for iPod interface
- Bug fix for some applications where Bluetooth telephone can't hear call audio over speakers
- Bug fix for some applications where amplifier controls don't work (bass, treble, balance, etc)
- A few other miscellaneous fixes and cleanup

Please know that here at Insane Audio, we stand by our product 100%. All customers always receive lifetime technical support and from time to time, we'll be releasing software updates. Some updates may be bug fixes and some may be new features or even a newer version of Android. These updates will always be free.


InSaNe AuDio Support Staff

Re: JK1001 Software Update v1.1 is Available Now!

Posted: Sun May 17, 2015 7:39 pm
by InsaneAudioSupport
Please note that we have removed this as well as other older software updates from our website...because....

v2.0 is now available! Woo hoo!!