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JK1001 Minor Software Release - iPhone Bluetooth Phonebook

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:13 pm
by InsaneAudioSupport

We have a minor software release to fix a specific issue where some iPhone users experience problems with the Bluetooth phonebook. Phonebook entries should show "Joe Jeep (310)111-1111", and not "JeepJoe 3101111111". This poses a particular problem if you are using advanced features such as Google Voice to dial by name.

This is not a required fix, but if you are experiencing phonebook problems then you'll want it.

Here are the installation instructions --

1). You’ll first need to download the software from our web site, decompress the files then preferably store them on a blank microSD card

o To download the files, go here from a PC:

o Right click on “” and save the file somewhere locally on your computer. (Make sure you get the right file! )

o You’ll then want to insert a blank microSD card into your PC. If you don’t have a SD card reader on your PC, you’ll need a USB adapter.

o Decompress the files and save them on the microSD card. When you’re done, the only three files that should be on your microSD card are “mcu.cfg”, “mcu.img” and “update.img”.

2). Apply the update to your JK1001

o Remove your GPS microSD card from your JK1001

o Insert your upgrade microSD card

o Power on your JK1001 (if it isn’t already)

o It will automatically ask if you’d like to install the firmware update package. Click on Install.

o Once it’s done, it will re-boot and eventually ask you again if you’d like to install the firmware update package. This time, click on cancel. (you may have to wait a few seconds and/or click on cancel a couple of times)

o You can now remove your upgrade card and re-insert your GPS card

3). Verify the factory settings

o Click on the “six pack” (the six squares on the upper left hand side of the main menu)

o Swipe to the right, then click on the settings icon.

o Scroll down and select “Factory Settings”. The password is “126”.

o Click on the Application tab on the upper left, then make sure CanBus is set to “32 Jeep&MMR without AMP”.

o Click on Apply (bottom left), then Exit (bottom right)

o Note that we password protect this functionality for a reason! Please be careful not to change any other settings as this will most certainly affect the functionality of your JK1001.

4). Re-install some of our favorite factory apps

o Boot up your JK1001

o Click on the “six pack”, swipe to the right, then click on the settings icon. Scroll down and select “Security”. Check the box next to Unknown Sources to allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Click OK on the pop-up window.

o From the home menu, click on the file manager, select the GPS card (on the left), then go into the Insane_NavEngine folder. In here, click on the iGO.apk. Scroll to the bottom and click on install.

o From the home menu, click on the “six pack”, find the OEM icon, go to the apk folder and click on torque.apk to re-install the Torque application.

Should you run into problems installing this update, please hit us up at

Re: JK1001 Minor Software Release - iPhone Bluetooth Phonebo

Posted: Sun May 17, 2015 7:40 pm
by InsaneAudioSupport
Please note that this software release has been removed from our website because....

v2.0 is now available! v2.0 contains all bug fixes to date along with all kinds of additional features and functionality!