Chevy Silverado

Installation writeups and questions around Insane Audio's new universal Double DIN head unit!
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Chevy Silverado

Post by scott.holst5 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:36 pm

Vehicle: 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab(Non Bose System)
Stock radio:

Step 1 - Purchase DD2001
Here is how it showed up:

Step 2 - Retain Factory Settings
There are a number of products/modules out there that allow you to retain factory features when converting to an aftermarket stereo. I visited my local stereo shop and went with the PAC RP5-GM31 module which claimed to retain the factory OnStar, Bluetooth, XM Radio, Chimes and steering wheels controls. Here is what the PAC module came with:

Step 3 - Purchase Dash Kit
After visiting my local stereo shop they set me up with the Metra dash kit for my vehicle. Here is what it looks like on the DD2001:

Step 4 - Start Wiring
After following the Insane Audio and PAC directions I ended up with a nice clean set up. Here is what I ended up with:

The only thing I had to research was hooking up the PAC steering wheel control module. My stereo shop set me up with a jack adapter where I hooked up the Brown(Jack Adapter) to SWC-2(IA Harness) and Brown/White(Jack Adapter) to SWC-1(IA Harness):

Step 5 - Disassembly
I referenced many Youtube videos for this process. I started with taking out the 3 bolts on the panel under the steering wheel then popped it out. Next I popped out the panel under the stereo and unplugged the power adapters and traction control switch. Next I removed the panel covering the climate control panel and factory stereo. Next removed the 2 bolts that hold in the climate control module as well as the wire connections on the back. Next removed the 4 bolts that hold in the factory stereo as well as the harness and radio antenna.

Step 6 - Modify the dash
I found with a test fit of the DD2001 the WIFI and GPS antenna fittings on the back of the unit came in contact with the dash. In order to get the unit to sit flush I cut a section out of the dash that actually made installation of the PAC module and all wiring a breeze. None of the wires appeared to be pinched with the extra space. Here are some images for reference:

Step 7 - Test the unit
I hooked up all the wire connections and tested the following features:
- Power up
- Radio
- Music Player
- Video Player
- Ipod cable
- GPS Connection
- Back Up Cam(Will post instructions in a different thread)
- Steering wheel controls(have to use the app loaded on DD2001 to set up controls before the buttons work)
- Chime module(The factory chime did not work with the PAC module so I used the external one provided from PAC. Cool thing is you can adjust the volume on the chime)
- OnStar
- Factory and DD2001 Bluetooth
- XM Radio(Did not work as per the PAC instructions. DD2001 does not work with the factory XM antenna, but PAC says with their module you can control the XM antenna through the vehicle display in the dash. I have not figured out how to get this to work, but no loss to me since I don't use XM. If you have an XM account you can switch it to a streaming account, download the app on DD2001 and stream stations with a network connection)

Step 8 - Put it all back together
After everything worked with my testing, I routed the PAC chime module and back up cam wires out to the steering wheel side of the dash. I routed the Ipod cable, SUB accesory and pre-amp outputs to the glove box side of the dash. Next I slid DD2001 into the dash and tested the power again. Lastly I buttoned everything back up. Here is what I got:

I am not a professional installer and referred to quite a few Youtube videos to get DD2001 set up. I will have more posts as I get used to the functions and features.

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Re: Chevy Silverado

Post by InSaNeAuDiOSupport5 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:26 pm

Nice work Scott, thanks for sharing your DD2001 installation!

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