JL3001 Firmware v1.5

This is where you can get the latest software updates for Insane Audio's super awesome JL3001!
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JL3001 Firmware v1.5

Post by InsaneAudioSupport » Fri Sep 25, 2020 12:47 pm

Firmware v1.5 for Insane Audio's 3000 platform is available now!

This update includes the following --
  • Support for OEM Aux Switches within the Control Settings app for vehicles equipped with this feature
  • IADialer which will allow for full voice dialing through the Google Assistant when connected to Bluetooth
  • Support for read/write on the microSD card while still retaining fast read speeds
  • Various other system enhancements and optimizations
As always, none of our updates are manditory but we do recommend our customers take the time to update their units as this version adds a bunch of cool new features. IADialer is pretty sweet!

First, you'll want to check your build number to see if you need this update. Go to Settings->System->About Machine->Build Number. The build number starts with "rk33990userdebug 9 PI" followed by a date code.
  • If your date code is 20200922 (September, 22, 2020) then you already have this update. You’re good to go!
  • If your date code is something earlier then September, 22, 2020 then you want this update.
  • If your date code is later than September, 22, 2020, that means you are reading this in the future and you are on some newer version of our software that likely has all kinds of super awesome features.
To apply this software update -
First go here - https://www.insaneaudio.com/JL3001_UPDATES/v1.5/
  • You are going to want to right click on update.zip and save locally to your computer. Note that it is important to download this locally first to avoid data corruption. This is a large file, so make sure you download it completly.
  • Right click on the CANBUS.UPDE file and also save locally to your computer.
  • Then you’ll want to copy both of these files onto a microSD card formatted in FAT32. You can re-use your Insane NavEngine GPS card if you want – just make sure you delete those two files when you are done updating (but don’t delete any of your Navigation data!)
  • Copy the two files you just downloaded to that microSD card and properly eject it from your computer.
  • Next, you'll want to power up your JL3001.
  • Insert the microSD card that you just put the necessary files on in the GPS card slot. Right away, you should see a dialog box asking if you'd like to update your software. We are going to do that, but before you click on Install make sure you check the box that says wipe data and format flash. That part is very important – please make sure you check that box first.
  • The unit will then go through and perform the software update. Please let it complete and don't turn anything off until its done. When the unit comes back up, we're going to want to update your CanBus system.
  • Go to settings -> car -> factory settings. It will ask you for a password. Please enter “canupdates2” then click on OK.
  • The unit should then apply the canbus update and you should ultimately see a “Download Success!!” message. Note that this will only work if the canbus.upde file is on your GPS microSD card.
  • After everything is done, press the home button. Then let’s go ahead and reboot your system by going to settings -> system -> reboot.
Your software is now updated, but then there are just a few minor things we'll want to do to restore everything back to the factory state --
  • Properly eject your SD card from the GPS slot and remove it. Put your Insane NavEngine GPS card back in. (or, if you were using your Insane NavEngine card just delete those two update files)
  • To re-install Insane NavEngine, open up the file browser. Navigate to GPS->Insane NAVI then click on iGO.apk and follow the prompts.
  • If you'd like your koi pond wallpaper back, open the file browser. Navigate to GPS->INSANE NAVI->Additional_APK and click on Water Garden_1.6.4.apk. Follow the prompts to install. Then you can long press on the home screen and set the live wallpaper.
  • You'll need to open the bluetooth app, search for and pair to your OBDII adapter for your live engine data.
  • You'll want to re-configure the Torque app as well. Go ahead and open that up. Press the settings icon on the bottom left. Select Settings -> OBD2 Adapter Settings -> Choose Bluetooth Device. There should only be one listed so go ahead and select that. Note that there are also some general settings that you may want to change like "start in dashboard mode" which will allow you to immediately jump to your gauges when you press the Torque icon. These settings are in Settings -> General Preferences
Thats all there is to it! As always, all Insane Audio customers get lifetime technical support so if you need help with this update or anything else, please feel free to hit us up anytime at www.insaneaudio.com/support

Optional: update your bluetooth chip

If your software build number was earlier then 20200720 (July 20, 2020) and you have never updated your Bluetooth software, then we recommend you also update your Bluetooth chip to the latest software. There have been no changes to our Bluetooth software since v1.4 (July 20, 2020) so if your build was newer or if you already applied this update previously then you don't need to complete this step. In order to do this, you will need an android phone.
  • On the phone, you’ll first need to temporarily change the screen timeout to whatever the longest setting is (30min on most devices). You’ll find that under settings -> display -> screen timeout
  • Download and install Gaia_v3_2_9.apk
  • You should also download the BIN file and save it somewhere on your phone
  • On your JL3001, turn on Bluetooth and make sure NO other devices are connected. This is important. Remove all Bluetooth devices.
  • Launch GAIA control on your android device
  • Select JL3001 bluetooth then click Connect BR/EDR
  • Allow the pairing request
  • After everything is paired successfully, you can click on UPGRADE
  • You’ll need to tell the tool where you saved that BIN file. Select it and click Start Upgrade
  • This should take about 4-6 minutes. Please make sure your device stays on while the process completes.
  • At the end, you’ll get a pop up window asking if you’d like to proceed. Click on continue.
  • After everything is done, you’ll get one final Data Commit popup box. Click continue.
  • Finally, you’ll get an Upgrade complete message. Click on OK.
That's it! Go ahead and reboot your JL3001 by going to settings -> system -> reboot.


Now that you are on the latest version of our software, we should probably give you a few tips on how to use IADialer --
  • First, you'll want to connect to the internet and log into your Google Play acount. Now would be a good time to apply any needed software updates. When you are done, we should note that we always recommend turning off automatic updates within Google Play. Its always good to update your apps, but we prefer customers do this in a controlled manner. In other words, you should be aware that updates are being applied and make sure that everything is complete before turning off your system.
  • Then, you'll want to pair your phone with Bluetooth. Once paired, go ahead and synch your contacts within the Bluetooth app.
  • Then, go ahead and open up the IADialer app. You’ll find it in the App Drawer with all your other apps. In here, first press the 3 lines on the upper left and select configure. In there, you will want to turn on Use Google Account and select your Google Account.
  • If you are an android user and your Google Play account is the same as your phone, then you are done. If you are an iPhone user and/or you have a different Google Play account for your Jeep then you do on your phone then you will want to press the 3 lines again and select Import Contacts. This will synchronize the contacts from our Bluetooth app to your Google account.

That’s all there is to it. Press the voice button on your steering wheel to launch the Google Assistant. Then you can say “Call Bob” and if there is a contact in your phone for Bob, it will automatically dial via our Bluetooth interface. You can also dial by number. i.e. “Dial 123-345-4444”.

IMPORTANT: The very first time you voice dial, the system will ask you what to use as your default dialer. Make sure you select IADialer and select always. This will only happen the first time, but this step is critical. If you don't select IADialer, you will have to re-apply this entire software update!

Now that you are on version 1.5 of our software, you can use the Google Assistant to do everything from checking sports scores, to checking the weather, to setting reminders to voice dialing any of your contacts. You will obviously have the best results if you are connected to the internet (i.e. connected to your phones hotspot). Enjoy!

- InSaNe AuDio Enginering Staff

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Re: JL3001 Firmware v1.5

Post by CoreyB » Thu Jul 29, 2021 4:20 pm

My Kernel version is
#1114 Tues Aug 18 20:28:03 cst 2020

Am I out of date?

My dash lights keep flickering on and off when my Jeep is off.

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Re: JL3001 Firmware v1.5

Post by InSaNeAuDiOSupport5 » Fri Sep 10, 2021 5:27 am

CoreyB wrote:
Thu Jul 29, 2021 4:20 pm
My Kernel version is
#1114 Tues Aug 18 20:28:03 cst 2020

Am I out of date?

My dash lights keep flickering on and off when my Jeep is off.
Hey Corey,

While the forum is a great place to collaborate and share ideas with other customers but is not the best place to go for tech support. All Insane Audio customers get lifetime technical support and our staff works 7 days a week. You will get a much faster response reaching out to us directly. Please reach out to us at insaneaudio.com/support and we can certainly help you out.

InSaNe AuDio Support Staff

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