OBD Speedometer Adjustment

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OBD Speedometer Adjustment

Post by Tpalmer4359 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 6:25 pm

Aloha everyone,

I've had my Insane for about 4 months and it's driving me insane. A couple of questions to see if anyone else has been able to adjust their speedometer through the OBD. I have 35" tires on my 2014 JKU which, of course, put my speedometer off by about 4-6 mph when you get up into the 40-60 mph range. When installing the OBD, it stated to put the setting at 1.1 (sorry, going off of poor memory on which setting it was as far as adjusting it to 1.1 upon original setup). However, that did nothing to correct my speedometer through the NAV function on my unit....still showing exactly what my speedometer is showing. Can't get it to adjust for the tire change. Can anyone tell me if they have been able to adjust their speedometer with the OBD after putting on larger tires on their JK? Thanks.

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Re: OBD Speedometer Adjustment

Post by InsaneAudioSupport » Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:53 am

Hey, there! Insane Audio's products display OBDII information through the Torque app but this is not a tuner and not designed to recalibrate your speedometer. You'll need a tuner for that (think bullydog, superchips, etc).

That being said, however, you can view speed through Insane NavEngine. This is measured from the GPS and is pretty darn accurate (it becomes less accurate if you are driving less then 5mph but anything over that should be pretty accurate)

You can also create a speed gauge in the Torque app but note that there are two different options. One is speed through your OBDII port (which, if you haven't recalibrated, will be inaccurate). The other is speed as measured through GPS which should always be accurate. The way GPS speed is calculated is simple. You are at point x. Then you are at point y. It took you a cerain amount of time to get there so therefore you are going Z MPH.

Hopefully that makes sense! Enjoy your new Insane Audio head unit!

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